Mai Devereux told me about this story in 2006 and since then I have heard various versions from different people. The story is based around the death of a priest, some saying it was during the Penal Times. The Priest, who was traveling by horse, was being pursued and either lost control of his horse or was shot as he rode along the high bank above the river at Edenvale. On falling off the horse, the priest fell down the steep bank and fell to his death, crashing against the rocks in the waterfall that still runs there today. The waterfall, known by some as Davey's Falls or Davie's Fall, is said to contain a stone or rock which the priest's head cracked off when he fell to his death. It is said that since then, the rock and the water that flows over it appears to be red in colour; colored by the red blood of the dead priest.

Like most elements of folklore, It is likely that there is some element of truth in this story. The waterfall is located on the left hand side as you walk into Edenvale. The first flowing water you pass on the left is a relatively small stream flowing down, while the second, Davey's or Davie's Fall is more striking and steep, running under the path which you walk on. The stone, I'm told, is close to where the water runs under the path.

The Priest’s Blood

Edenvale, Castlebridge, Co. Wexford