Spoken Treasure

Recorded and Produced by Michael Fortune, 2006.

Launch Compilation
 Selection of stories from all sections
Raths and Fairies
Strange Happenings
The Bow
Local Interest
Spoken Treasure was a collection of superstitious beliefs and rituals as told by people from the Castlebridge area of Co. Wexford in 2006. The collection was recorded and produced by Michael Fortune with participants from Castlebridge Day Centre between September and November 2006. Recording took place weekly resulting in over eight hours of interview material. Due to the variety of stories, the collection is divided into various categories according to topic for a comprehensive and thorough viewing. 

The collection also includes a special compilation edit which was shown at the launch night  in The Porter House, Castlebridge, Co. Wexford on Saturday the 2nd of December 2006. The collection was originally produced on DVD and distributed locallly. 

Featured in this collection are Angela Whitmore, Evelyn Kehoe, Brighid Thompson, Molly Fortune, Kathy O’Flaherty, Nelly Roche, Marie O’Leary, May McDonald, Ann Long, Sean Murphy, Alice Canning, Kitty Murphy, Frances Ryan, May Devereux, Bridie Creane, Maunie McCleane, Kathleen Halpin, Peg Kearney, Jim O’Brien, Nuala Hearne, Maggie Ronan, Breada O’Leary and Gerard Foley.

Cures (11 mins), Customs (25 min), Superstitions (10 min), Raths and Fairies (9 min), Launch Compilation (18 min), Strange Happenings (17 min) 
and Local Interest (4 min)  

Commissioned by The Castlebridge Historical Society and Wexford Library Services.