There are quiet a few early Christian Church sites in the area. Notably Killila, Kilmacot, Kilnew, Ballyvaldon and Ballyvalloo. 
Although some are in ruins, more have completely vanished and all that remains are their memory in the minds of some locals and evidence on the OSI maps.

When visiting the golf course in Kilnew the owner told me she doesn’t remember the church, however the field at the entrance to the golf course was always called The Church Field. On the OSI maps we can see reference to the church, however the nothing is clearly visible today as the field has became part of the golf course.

The graveyard in Kilnew lies across the road from the golf course and when standing in the field which surrounds it, you can make out the rise in the landscape where it once stood. An ESB pole stands right on top of the rise which appears to be on the graveyard. Because it wasn’t marked, maybe the pole erectors didn’t know. One would wonder was there any traced of remains when they dug the hole for the pole?

In nearby Kilmacot, the owner of the land has preserved the graveyard and during sowing, ploughing and cutting does not interfere with the site. Although now wall preserves the site, local knowledge and respect has help preserve the final resting place of the people who are buried there.

The raised enclosed graveyards at Killila, Ballyvaldon and Ballyvalloo are clearly visible today and their stonewall boundaries have helped in their preservation.

Hurling Fields

Various fields around The Parish, Co. Wexford