Ballygarrett (Official launch in February 2017)
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Ballindaggin (Official launch in February 2017)
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The Ford/Kilmuckridge (2015)
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Fethard-on-Sea (2015)
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Taghmon (2015)
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Castlebridge (2013)
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Blackwater (2014)
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About This Place is a website and facebook page that was developed and produced by Michael Fortune as part of a series of place based projects conducted in Castlebridge, Blackwater, Kilmuckridge, Taghmon and Fethard-on-Sea since 2013. He is currently undertaking two new strands in the Ballygarrett and Ballindaggin areas of the county which will be launched in early 2017.
The overall project has been supported by Wexford County Council as part of their ‘Artist in the Community Scheme’ and features information on various sites of folkloric and cultural importance from each area as a result of social engagement and field research.
The accounts and stories which populate this website and Facebook page were recorded as a result of conversations, research and physical excursions in all of these areas over the past three years.
As a result, each area contains comprehensive information and personal associations relating to each particular story and the site involved, as well as detailed instructions on its location. The project utilises contemporary and ancient maps combined with local knowledge and as a result of this deep mapping process, many new accounts and histories have been unearthed since this project began. Many place based documents in Wexford have been compiled from behind desks, based on previous research and from a select variety of sources. This process challenges this practice and opens the conversations up for other peoples experiences and knowledge to be taken on board.
Finds and discoveries are numerous to mention and the projects innovative and inclusive means of researching has allowed other voices and their stories to be added to the accepted narratives of each village. The process of embedding Michael within these communities by simply walking the roads and fields, meeting people in their homes and in groups, has unearthed an untold amount of stories and accounts.
The resulting public display and presentation of this newly found material via public talks, walks and gatherings has injected new life back into the minds of the people who call these areas their home. Aside from the digital maps and accounts online, physical maps identifying these sites and places have too been erected in each village and can be viewed on the page. It is important to note that this is a living and ever changing resource. 
Please contact Michael if you have anymore sites to add, or information to change. You can find out more on the facebook link below or call Michael on 087 6470247 or email him at
Please note that many of these sites are on private land and owners permission must be sought to enter on it. Research, photos and films by Michael Fortune.mailto:micfortune@gmail.comshapeimage_19_link_0

About This Place [2013 - 2016]

A place based mapping project from Co. Wexford by Michael Fortune