This project would not happened without the generous and warm support of the staff and clients of Castlebridge Day Centre. In particular Michael would like to thank Betty Breen and all her staff and volunteers at the centre. Most of all, Michael would like to thank all the people who sat with him and talked. Without them, this project would not have happened. People were generous with their time and knowledge and without this, the information relayed on this site wouldn’t exist. The project builds on a folklore collection Michael made with the centre in 2006. This laid the foundation to this project and Michael would like to thank all those involved and pay respect to those who have since passed away.

This project too highlighted the importance of information and knowledge of place held within our older generation, as during the the course of this project some people have passed away or fell into ill health.

Although there were many who helped with this research Michael would like to thank in particular Mai Devereux, Angela Whitmore, Marie O’Leary, Nellie Roche, Kathleen Halpin, Birdie Kenny, Nuala Hearne, Dympna Donohue, Mai Murphy, Evelyn Kehoe, Kitty Murphy, Ger Foley, Pax Shortall and Maunie McClean who just recently passed away (RIP). Thanks also to Declan Flanagan and Fr. Walter Forde for assistance at different stages of the project.

Thanks also to the Arts Department of Wexford County Council for supporting a project of this nature as this is fantastic resource for the parish of Castlebridge as well as the wider community in Wexford.

All video, maps and photographs produced  by Michael Fortune based on accounts from participants from Castlebridge Day Centre.


Maps used by the kind permission of OSI.

If you have any additions to any particular site, please contact Michael by email: or phone: 087 6470247 and he will include them.

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