Conicar Hill or The Conicar Hill as its called by some people, is a small tree covered hill near Garrylough. Although it is quite an gentle rise, the local story goes that on clear Winters day, you can see Wales from the top. Nellie Roche and Marie O’Leary first told me about this, however they are not sure whether you can see Wales now due to the plantation which now covers the hill. 
Like the views of Scotland afforded to the people along the coast of Antrim, there are many local accounts along the east coast of Wexford where people claim they can and have seen Wales. In my own village of Ballygarrett, it is claimed by many that on a clear winters day, you can see Wales with the naked eye from the top of Cahore Castle. 

Nellie Roche told me that her father, who was part of the local LDF team was stationed on the hill during the Second World War, and she remembers seeing Wales with him during this time. 
There are numerous contemporary accounts of sightings of Wales with the naked eye to be found on various hiking and walking forums online, with particular peaks in the Wicklow Mountains affording perfect vantage points. 
I have never seen Wales myself from any of these sites, although I’ve threatened to make it a task for many a year. I have no reason to doubt that you can; the distance is relatively short and with the right conditions it should be possible. 
As for The Conicar Hill now, it is used by model plane and helicopter enthusiasts due to the lack of power lines there.

The Conicar Hill

Garrylough Lower, Co. Wexford