Eugene Murphy took me to this site in Kilmacot. Although not marked on any of the OSI maps, the site is left untouched by the farmer who owns the land. The site is very close to what remains of Kilacot graveyard. The site is on a natural high mound, although not incredibly high, it commands a good view over the nearby countryside. The site contains some large stones and Eugene suggests that it too was a burial site. 

Eugene recalls a story he heard that sometime ago, some men hit the site with a bucket of a digger and some funeral urns were unearthed.  Could the site be linked with the graveyard and church at Kilmacot or like in many cases, could the early Christian Church have been build on what was already an existing site for ceremony or burial?

Any further information on this site too would be appreciated.

Burial/Ceremonial Site

Kilmacot, Blackwater, Co. Wexford